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Metal Stud Framing Services in Cleveland

Choosing Steel Framing Over Wood

Metal stud wall construction is used in almost all office and commercial construction projects instead of wood. Steel has several advantages over wood studs:

  • It is perfectly straight. You’ll have no worries about steel being warped or bowing.
  • Steel doesn’t shrink, split, rot, mold, or attract insects.
  • It’s more fire-resistant than wood.
  • It’s available in both light and heavy gauge as well as galvanized and corrosion-resistant varieties.
Steel Stud Framing in Cleveland

Steel stud framing supports a variety of architectural styles, and it provides stable frames for both interior and exterior walls. It’s also used in ceilings and soffits to create decorative dropdowns.

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To request a quote for commercial metal stud framing services in the Cleveland, Canton, and Akron areas, call AIR today at (216) 241-2255. Our employees are known for being the best in the business. We‘re ICRA-certified, OSHA 30-certified, and we conduct drug testing and background checks. Our other services include installing cleanrooms, air and water barriers, insulation, and more.