Architectural Interior Restorations Inc. is the contractor to count on for knowing and correctly upholding building codes in Cleveland and nearby areas during the construction process. Firewall construction is just one part of an overall safety strategy. To discuss your plans with one of our qualified team members or request a quote, contact us at (216) 241-2255.

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Fire Stopping Wall Construction in Cleveland

Passive Fire Protection

Passive fire protection (PFP) is one branch of a three-pronged approach in structural fire protection within a building. PFP addresses the need of containing a fire or slowing its spread through the use of fire-resistant walls, floors, and doors. For example, we use fire-resistant materials such as structural steel. These systems must all comply with the rules of the building codes pertaining to the property’s specific location.

The goal of PFP is to compartmentalize the building into different zones, separated by barriers such as firewalls or fire partitions so that in the event of a fire, it can be contained to the room or area of origin. The goal is to maintain the integrity of the outer wall and prevent or limit damage to other areas of the building.

Trusted & Experienced Professionals

In addition to safety considerations, AIR offers expert services in installing drywall, metal studs, and ceilings. We understand compliance with building codes and safety regulations in many different industries:

  • Medical
  • Retail
  • Office space
  • Manufacturing
  • Industrial
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Cleveland Fire Wall Construction Professionals

Our employees are ICRA-certified and OSHA 30-certified. We also conduct drug testing and background checks.

Rest assured that at AIR, we are experienced and prepared to meet all regulations including fire wall construction. Let us put our stamp of excellence on your next building project in Cleveland, Akron, or Canton. Request a quote or call (216) 241-2255 for more information. We also offer other construction services related to millwork, doors, cleanrooms, air and water barriers, insulation, and radiation protection.