At Architectural Interior Restorations Inc., we know the importance of having superb building envelope systems in place in a commercial building. Since 1983, we’ve left our stamp of excellence on the interior and exterior of businesses throughout Cleveland and nearby areas. Request a quote today for installing air and water barriers by calling (216) 241-2255.

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Building Envelope Systems in Cleveland

Building Envelope System Characteristics

As most commercial buildings are built to last a lifetime, a wrap-style barrier needs to have these characteristics:

  • High tear-strength
  • Durability
  • Long UV resistance

These qualities are all important in the construction process because due to the nature of building, the barrier could be exposed to the elements for weeks and even months at a time before being covered with siding.

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Cleveland Building Air and Water Barriers

Advances in the Field of Air & Water Barriers

Advances in the field have led to some innovative products including fluid-applied barriers. This new technology features a fluid barrier that is applied with a pressure roller or a sprayer. These products offer superior durability, flexibility, and long-lasting UV protection.

You can trust the experts at AIR to install superior building envelope systems for your construction projects in the Cleveland, Akron, or Canton area. Contact us at (216) 241-2255 to request a quote. In addition to air and water barriers, we provide quality drywall installation, metal stud framing, ceiling installation, millwork, and more.