Many people claim they hate their jobs, but they often do not consider that it is not the job that they hate, but the physical space. Cubicles have provoked the anxiety of many Americans since the 1960’s. The haunting structure made of plastic, metal, and fabric has become a staple fixture in thousands of offices and seen as a spacial resolution to overcrowded workspaces. However, these constricting room dividers are making a decline as they are linked to depression and in some cases insanity. As the construction consultants of Cleveland, Architectural Interior Restorations Inc. suggests exploring the options you have with drywall. Call (934) 467-7328 today, or request a quote online!

According to a study conducted by Oxford Economics, both employee satisfaction and productivity suffer as a result of uncomfortable or distracting office conditions. As many environmental psychologists theorize, this dates back to our primitive nature. Instinctively, we prefer wide open areas with a view of the landscape because we feel inherently safer. It is also proven that workers who get to sit next to the window are found to be more productive and professionals agree. 

Office Drywall Installation

How Cubicles Make You Depressed 

For most people, an entire third of your life is spent at work. Feeling trapped within tiny walls under fluorescent lighting can have negative effects on your physical and mental health. A tiny, dark, and cramped room can lead to feelings of loneliness, stress, and depression. In fact, poor office conditions have led to heightened anxiety, lower muscle tension, and poor psychological functioning.

How Great Air Quality Can Improve Your Health And Mood

In addition to the dark and unsettling feeling of a cubicle, many do not consider the fact that it may be the perfect environment for breeding germs. Due to the close proximity of the awkwardly placed room dividers, unwanted pathogens can easily slip through the cracks- and let’s be honest, who among us has never eaten at our desk or gone to work sick? A study by Market Wire has revealed that the average work desk is covered in 400 times the amount of bacteria found on the average toilet. Open door frame installations are cleaner and give the room more of a private feel.  

Allow Architectural Interior Restorations To Help Increase Productivity In Your Workplace 

Many Cleveland offices are joining the trend and replacing their cubicles with smaller rooms or creative drywall installments. For expert advice on how you can remodel your office, call Architectural Interior Restorations Inc. at  (934) 467-7328, or contact us online!

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