Acoustic ceiling tiles are used everywhere. They can be found in schools, restaurants, and most corporate buildings. In fact, in big commercial spaces, they are a great, budget-friendly choice to dampen ambient noise and even reduce energy costs. If you aren’t sure if an acoustic ceiling is right for your commercial space, read on for all the benefits put together by the experts at Architectural Interior Restorations, Inc.

The Benefits of Acoustic Ceiling Tiles

This post is part of a comprehensive commercial drywall guide.

Noise Reduction

Often, acoustic tiles are used in recording studios and large auditoriums; however, they can also be used in smaller spaces. Offices of any size can benefit from the noise reduction provided by an acoustic ceiling. Your employees will thank you for creating a pleasant work environment where they aren’t distracted by every footstep and conversation. Acoustic ceiling tiles are made to diffuse the noise and absorb it, rather than letting it travel through your space.

Energy Savings

In addition to noise reduction, acoustic ceiling tiles have also been shown to reduce energy costs. First, they are highly reflective, which makes it easier to light up a large space. Additionally, installing acoustic ceiling tiles lowers your ceiling height, which, in turn, provides extra insulation. Therefore, with acoustic ceiling tiles, you have less space to heat, which lowers your energy bills.

Multiple Design Options For Your Ceiling Tiles

Gone are the days when acoustical ceilings were limited to white rectangles in a metal frame. They come in a variety of designs, colors, shapes, sizes, and textures. Not only can acoustic ceiling tiles create an attractive feature in your space, they can also cover up a lot of unsightly things, such as wiring and pipes.

At Architectural Interior Restorations, we know acoustic ceilings. Whether your construction project is an industrial project, medical facility, restaurant, or arts-related building, we understand each market, and know which type of ceiling will give the best results. We also offer a full package of classic contractor services including drywall installation and metal stud framing in the Cleveland area. Contact us today at (216) 241-2255 or request a quote online.