When embarking on a new commercial construction project, more and more business owners are choosing sustainable options wherever possible. And one of the best ways to practice sustainability in construction is through the materials that are used. Did you know that there are actual environmental benefits to choosing metal stud framing over traditional wood studs? At Architectural Interior Restorations Inc., we encourage you to consider metal studs for your commercial building, and protect the environment by doing so!

Metal Studs are Environmentally Friendly

Reduce Construction Waste

Because metal studs are engineered and manufactured to specific dimensions, there is little to no waste on the job site. Each piece is made for a specific purpose and does not need to be cut down to size once it arrives on the job site. Compare this to wood studs, which are shipped in standard lengths and then cut down to fit, resulting in excess pieces ending up in the dumpster.


Another way metal studs are kind to the environment is that steel is fully recyclable and reusable. This is true, not only for the manufacturing of the steel studs, but also at the end of the life of the building. If the building is ever demolished in the future, the steel can be removed and melted down to produce new steel products.

No Treatment Needed

Finally, steel is better for the environment because it does not need to be sprayed or treated to resist pests. Wooden studs often require treatment with environmentally hazardous chemicals so they can resist pests such as termites. However, as insects do not eat metal, it is naturally impervious to pests without any added treatments.

At Architectural Interior Restorations in Cleveland, OH, we offer metal studs in both light and heavy gauge, as well as galvanized and corrosion-resistant varieties. We would be happy to discuss the possibilities for helping you best utilize metal studs to benefit your business as well as the environment. Contact us today at (216) 241-2255 to discuss your building needs, or request a quote online.