Masterpieces such as Michelangelo’s golden Sistine Chapel in Vatican City and the Strahov Monastery in Prague have artfully exposed the imaginative power of a quality ceiling. In most businesses, the importance of this space is often overlooked and underappreciated. Architectural Interior Restorations Inc. marries style with efficiency to provide Cleveland businesses with ceilings that promote positivity and production. Call (216) 241-2254 today for a price quote.

Clean Office Ceiling

The ancient art of Feng Shui takes into account every inch of the room, including the ceiling. According to the 3,000-year-old pseudoscience, the ceiling should represent an open space that leads to endless responsibilities. For the success of your business, inspire your employees by considering the details many ignore. 

Low Ceilings 

Lower ceilings such as the ones in basements or attics can give a threatening overhead weight. For lower ceilings, it is important to focus the lighting upward. This illusion would make the space feel open and more sky-like rather than shorter or compressed. Ceilings that are light in color such as white or pink elevate the perceived height of the ceiling and give the general impression of a wider space. 

High Ceilings

For rooms with high ceilings, designers encourage darker colors to stabilize the room and make it appear cozy. If your ceiling is too high, it can leave the room feeling unprotected. Utilize wall space with the addition of art and low hanging fixtures. Hang all the artwork at the same level around the room to establish a divide in the solid wall. 

Our recommended ceilings are the perfect blend of a noise reduction coefficient along with high CAC performance rates. Architectural Interior Restorations Inc. specializes in ceiling construction. The professional contractors of Cleveland offer expertise in noise-reduction panels and decorative metal ceilings. For details on packages and workplace construction options, call (216) 241-2255 today, or contact us online!