Proper drywall installation can make all the difference in the final outcome of the rooms in a building. With the right type of drywall, a room can function as intended. With expert installation, the walls can be primed and painted without any problems. When you’re looking for a drywall expert in the Cleveland, Ohio, area, contact Architectural Interior Restorations, Inc

Pick the Right Drywall for Your Project 

Types of Drywall

This is a quick overview of the drywall options that are available. We will work with you to determine what format would be most appropriate for your building project. 

  • Regular or White Board: This is the most economical drywall, but is not always suitable for commercial purposes.
  • Moisture-Resistant or Green Board: While not completely waterproof, this can be used for bathroom and basement walls, kitchens, laundry rooms, and utility rooms.
  • Plaster Base Board or Blue Board: This drywall has high mold and water resistance. It also helps reduce noise, and has low emissions.
  • Paperless: This drywall is made of fiberglass-covered gypsum. It can be used anywhere standard drywall is used, and it’s especially recommended in places where high moisture content may raise mold concerns. 
  • Purple Board: This is highly resistant to water, so it’s the preferred choice if your drywall will be in contact with water.
  • Type X: Type X is abuse-resistant and fire-resistant and the correct choice for garages and apartment buildings.
  • Soundproof Drywall: Choose this for music rooms and other rooms where you wish to contain the noise.

Choose the Drywall Experts

When looking for drywall companies, keep in mind that Architectural Interior Restorations is known in Ohio for our professional work ethic. General contractors and project managers alike want to work with us, as we employ Cleveland’s finest carpenters and drywall finishers. We’ve worked hard to build a business that strengthens our community. Our team is IRCA-certified and OSHA-30 certified. Simply put, we’re the best. Request a quote today by calling (216) 241-2255 or request a quote online.