As a Cleveland business owner, one of the crucial decisions you’ll need to make when working on your commercial build is choosing the right doors. Not only do doors serve as a functional element, but the right door installation can improve the overall look of your establishment. The pros at Architectural Interior Restorations Inc. can help you make an informed choice on your next door installation. Let’s explore some important aspects when selecting doors for your build.Architectural interior Restorations Inc Cleveland Commercial Build Door Installation

Interior Door Installation

Interior doors play a dual role in your commercial space. They provide privacy and also contribute to the visual appeal of different spaces.

Depending on your budget and requirements for your commercial build, you can choose between hollow or solid doors. Hollow doors, typically made of wood, are more affordable but lack insulation and soundproofing capabilities. On the other hand, solid doors offer better sound insulation and are available in various materials to suit your specific needs.

Exterior Doors in Commercial Build

When it comes to exterior doors, you want durable and weather-resistant doors. These doors should withstand extreme temperature differences and harsh weather conditions as a robust barrier against the elements.

Steel or metal doors are popular due to their strength and longevity. While they might be pricier than wood doors, their ability to provide insulation and withstand external pressures makes them a worthwhile investment for your commercial space.

Additional Considerations for Door Installation

Apart from the basic interior and exterior doors, various specialized options are available to cater to specific industry needs. If you’re unsure what is necessary or required in your commercial space, Architectural Interior Restorations Inc. can ensure you follow guidelines and help you choose the best fit for your space. Consider the following door variations based on your particular requirements:

Metal Fire Doors

Designed to provide fire protection, these doors are foundational for maintaining safety standards in a commercial space.

Glass Panel Doors

A combination of metal and glass, these doors allow for visibility into different areas of your space. Along with practicality, they can give a modern feel to your build.

Security Doors

Featuring additional deadbolts and thickness, security doors offer increased protection against unauthorized access.

Bullet-Resistant Doors

Particularly important for high-security environments, these doors provide extra protection against ballistic threats.

Louvered Doors

For areas requiring proper ventilation, louvered doors with air vents are an excellent choice.

Paneled Doors

To give your space a sophisticated and elevated look, consider paneled doors available in different styles and materials.

Temperature-Rise Doors

Ideal for fire-resistant areas, temperature-rise doors can slow down the spread of fire by withstanding high temperatures.

High-Traffic Area Doors

These doors, designed to swing both ways, are perfect for areas with heavy foot traffic, providing smooth movement through the space.

Find a Knowledgeable Contractor

Choosing the perfect doors for your commercial build is just the first step. To bring your vision to life and ensure professional-level installation, you’ll want to hire a reliable contractor experienced in commercial construction and framing. Architectural Interior Restorations Inc. is here to help.

With years of experience collaborating with project managers and adhering to construction standards, we understand the importance of high-quality and durable commercial door installation. We can guide you through the selection process, ensuring your doors match your functional requirements and preferences.

When it comes to commercial door installation in Cleveland, put your trust in a reputable contractor to bring your vision to life. Contact Architectural Interior Restorations Inc. at (216) 241-2255 or request a quote online today to bring your commercial build dreams into reality!