Business owners who use a commercial building are always looking for ways to improve their energy efficiency. That’s because by making a few small changes here and there, your business can start saving money on energy bills right away. At Architectural Interior Restorations, Inc., we always have the business owner’s best interest at heart, so today we’re sharing four energy-saving ideas to help you start saving money.

Energy Saving Ideas for Commercial Buildings

1. Invest in Regular Maintenance for your Commercial Building

Depending on what type of business you run, you likely have various equipment or machinery that you rely on. Even if it is just an HVAC unit, it’s a good idea to make sure you are getting your equipment inspected and maintained regularly to avoid any costly repairs. Many companies offer discounts if you enroll in their service plans, so regular maintenance is affordable and definitely worth it.

2. Install Acoustic Ceilings in your Commercial Building

Acoustic ceiling tiles have been shown to reduce energy costs. First, they are highly reflective, which makes it easier to light up a large space. Additionally, installing acoustic ceiling tiles lowers your ceiling height, which, in turn, provides extra insulation. Therefore, with acoustic ceiling tiles, you have less space to heat, which lowers your energy bills.

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3. Consider Other Upgrades for your Commercial Building

There are several upgrades that you can install to make your office building more energy efficient. Switching to energy-efficient lights is a great way to conserve power, and LED light bulbs also last much longer, saving you money in replacement costs. Additionally, you can switch to energy-efficient, touchless faucets, and low-flow toilets to minimize water waste and save on your water bills.

4. Get Employees Involved

Finally, a completely free way to start saving on energy costs is by encouraging your employees to help. Make sure they know to always turn off appliances at the end of the day, turn off lights in rooms that aren’t being used, and avoid cranking the heat or AC during the day. By encouraging a few small changes, your building will be more energy efficient in no time.

If installing acoustic ceiling tiles is part of your energy-savings plan, contact the experts at Architectural Interior Restorations, Inc. at (216) 241-2255 or request a quote online. We’ve been serving Cleveland, OH area since 1983 with full package classic contractor services.