If you are in need of commercial interior construction and renovations this fall, it can be difficult to know who to trust with your projects. Here in Cleveland, there is no shortage of commercial contractors, so how do you pick one? At Architectural Interiors Restorations, Inc. (AIR), we’ve been enhancing professional buildings since 1983 with metal stud framing, drywall and ceiling installations, and more. Read on to learn why our customers keep coming back, and why they refer us to their friends.

Commercial Interiors

1. Expert Drywall Installations

Proper drywall installation can make all the difference in the final outcome of the rooms in your commercial building. Using the right type of drywall means a room can function as it is meant to, and our expert installation means that it can be primed and painted without any problems. We install regular/white board drywall, moisture resistant/green board, plaster base board/blue board, as well as paperless, purple board, type X, and soundproof drywall. Additionally, our experienced team is ICRA- and OSHA 30-certified.

2. Skilled Metal Stud Framing Services

Metal framing is an excellent choice for commercial building interior construction in a multitude of industries. The team at AIR is highly experienced in the many uses for metal studs including interior and exterior walls, soffits, ceilings, mezzanines, and other architectural designs. Metal stud wall construction is used in almost all office and commercial construction projects, instead of wood, to make your building last a lifetime.

3. Professional Ceiling Contractors

Acoustic ceiling installation is an important step in the commercial interior construction process. At AIR, we understand that the type of ceiling installed is critical to the noise level within a room, as well as the noise that emanates from a room. We install ceilings that can absorb sound, block sound, or both, for a total acoustic ceiling that is flexible enough for today’s commercial interiors, and is effective in many different industries and environments.

How We Can Transform Your Commercial Interior

To experience the excellence that will bring your project to life, and to work with a company that is professional from start to finish, contact us at (216) 241-2255 to speak with a member of the team, or request a quote online today. Architectural Interior Restorations Inc. serves the Cleveland, Akron, and Canton areas of Ohio.