For any room where noise is an issue, acoustic drop ceiling tiles are a must to help absorb sound and reduce echo, while also preventing sound from traveling to adjacent rooms. Acoustic ceiling tiles are a popular choice for commercial spaces as they reduce noise, provide much-needed privacy, and are flexible and affordable to use. Today on the blog, the team at Architectural Interior Restorations Inc. is spelling out everything you need to know about acoustic ceiling tiles.

Acoustic Ceiling Tiles

What Are Acoustic Ceiling Tiles?

Acoustic ceiling tiles are made of various acoustical materials like fiberglass, foam, wood, or polyester, and are used to alter the acoustics of a room. They can be installed in an existing drop ceiling t-grid by replacing older standard tiles. These tiles can improve not only the acoustics of the room but also the efficiency of the room’s heating and cooling.

What Are the Benefits of Acoustic Ceiling Tiles?

The main reason for choosing acoustic ceiling tiles is noise reduction. A noisy room can irritate the occupants, and make it difficult to communicate effectively. Likewise, when noise is coming in from another room, it can be very disruptive and distracting for the occupants. Effective sound control is a major factor for schools, concert halls, and workplaces where the noise level can be considerably high. Business owners choose this type of ceiling to keep their employees comfortable and encourage productivity.

What Are the Different Types of Acoustic Ceiling Tiles?

At AIR, our ceiling tiles provide total acoustics by combining the benefits of NRC (noise reduction coefficient) and CAC (ceiling attenuation class). The NRC is an average rating of how much sound an acoustic product can absorb, while the CAC measures how efficiently a product stops sound from transmitting between adjacent spaces. We use only highly-rated products to create a ceiling that is flexible enough for today’s workspaces, and effective in many different industries and environments.

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