Are you planning a commercial construction project in Cleveland, OH, in the near future? Have you considered metal studs for the framework as opposed to wooden studs? If not, you definitely should. There are a lot of advantages that come with using metal. Here are five reasons to choose metal studs from the team at Architectural Interior Restorations, Inc.

Metal Stud Framing for Commercial Construction

High Quality

Metal studs will arrive straight every time unless an outside factor causes damage. If you work with wood studs, there’s always a chance that a number of them will arrive warped, twisted, or bowed and will need to be repaired or reordered. Save yourself the time and headache by going with metal.

Affordable Prices

While they may are a bit more expensive than wood studs, the prices are much more predictable. Wood materials can fluctuate greatly in cost while metal tends to stay relatively the same. That, plus all of the added benefits of metal studs make the extra spend well worth it.

Convenient Installation

Metal studs are light and easier to store than wood studs. They also come manufactured with holes that make it easier to run cables and wires. Additionally, metal studs can be moved or adjusted much easier than wood if ever the need for a remodel arises.

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Very Durable

When building a commercial project, you want it to be safe and long-lasting. Metal studs are impervious to fire, rot, insects, or splitting. All things you’d likely run into at some point with wood studs.


Metal studs are a great option for bathrooms, kitchens, or other areas where a lot of water is involved. While metal studs can rust, if they are installed properly with a vapor barrier or sill gasket between the bottom plate and the concrete floor, they will perform much better than wood if exposed to water.

If your commercial construction project is in Cleveland, Canton, Akron, or the nearby areas, then Architectural Interior Restorations, Inc. is the best choice. We can help with drywall, ceilings, cleanrooms, and many other specialty projects. Contact us today at (216) 241-2255 to request a quote.